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Reconnecting with your full moon potential through ancient practices.


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What it is:  Ayurveda is an Indian lifestyle medicine used for centuries by those who want to increase their health, vitality and quality of life through a personalized, constitution-based practice. 

What to expect from your visit:  Be prepared to talk about yourself… a lot. Ayurveda is highly personalized based on the 3 Doshas: Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. We’ll discuss your generic Dosha and then create a personalized plan that usually includes food, lifestyle and some magic. 

What to expect after your visit:  Most people notice a sense of restored balance and a clear understanding of behaviors and choices that will lead to a vastly improved quality of life.  



Astrology is an ancient science based on reproducible observations of cause and effect. A knowledgeable astrologer knows how to apply these observations to major themes in your life. Who are you? The stars have a clear answer. What should you do? Your chart can tell you what you may or may not already know, but what you’ll recognize as unmistakably true by the end of our meeting. 



I don’t believe in magic because I observe it at work in all aspects of my life and in those around me. I don’t know how tarot works, but I know that it does, and that its magical. If you have questions, the Tarot is a medium for me to read your answers. We'll sit. We'll draw cards. We'll sip tea. The story will appears. It always does.



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AYURVEDA (60 minutes)

- First Consultation  - $80USD

- Following Consultations  - $60USD

ASTROLOGY (60-75 minutes)

- Natal Chart Reading and Current Transits - $90USD

- Relationship Reading and Current Transits - /$140USD

- Current Transits Reading (following consultations) - $70USD


- 30 minutes Reading - $40USD

- 60 minutes Reading - $80USD


• about Valérie •


Your potential exceeds your beliefs. Be courageous and chose the impossible.
— Robbie Vorhaus

I am a perpetual student.  I seek out the best teachers and immerse myself in their teaching styles: silent Zen meditations, Sufi whirling practices, astrology readings, Ayurveda medicine, herbalism, Ashtanga Yoga, Tarot readings, rituals and dance of all sorts. I am always trying to expand the limits of my mind through these practices. I am comforted by my understanding of how the body works.  Despite being married to a physician, I am the family doctor.

I spend my free time travelling the world and my unconscious mind, acting and musing, making ayurvedic skincare for myself and my friends, brewing potions and broths for my family, sewing clothes, daydreaming, dancing, designing dream homes and going on adventures with my daughter and my husband. 

I currently live in San Miguel de Allende and spend my summers road tripping between Vermont and Québec.